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Is Your Organization Putting a Stake in the Ground? Do You Want it to? By Suzanne Elshult/Your Executive Coach

Lately I have been doing some thinking around a discussion I had with my group of top HR executives a while ago. The general topic was around how organizations position themselves in the market vis-à-vis their values, a question we discussed in the context of knowing that consumers of products and services are increasingly paying […]

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Wellness is “out!” Human Performance is “in!” by Suzanne Elshult/Your Executive Coach with HRNow

Today my group of HR executives revisited “wellness” in a fascinating discussion which started out by declaring “wellness” a tired and antiquated concept. Somebody said “it feels like a checkbox.” In keeping with our commitment to challenge conventional thinking and ride the crest of the wave of what is new and exciting in our meetings, […]

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Are We Missing the Boat on Teams? Suzanne Elshult/Your Executive Coach with HRNow

Last week a small group of HR executives  (about a dozen HR Executive Forum members) braved the snowy road conditions in Seattle and spent a chilly morning discussing teams. Our discussion catalysts (Sandra Gilliland, Google, and Ben Bratt, Team Effectiveness Project) shared some interesting stats to get the dialogue going such as: • 97% of teams […]

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Have We Framed up Diversity the Wrong Way for the Last 30 Years? By Suzanne Elshult/Your Executive Coach, HRNow

Research from McKinsey, Deloitte Bersin, and Catalyst all show that diversity leads to better outcomes. If that is the case, why is HR still struggling more than 30 years after the inception of diversity work to make a case to senior executives? Can you think of another business problem that companies have continued to stumble […]

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Performance Utopia, Guest post by Randy Rothschiller

Purpose of the performance review: to improve employee performance. In recent years, there’s been a continual and growing number of executives calling for death to the performance review.  In January the Human Resources Executive Form (HREF), a peer learning group facilitated by Suzanne Elshult, owner of HRNow, met to share experiences with transforming the performance review […]

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Should HR Drive Change? Are We Asking the Right Question? Guest post by Randy Rothschiller

Another lively and provocative discussion occurred amongst Human Resources executives from companies all around the Puget Sound region.  This group meets monthly and is part of a peer learning community facilitated by Suzanne Elshult, executive coach and owner of Peer learning communities like this one that Suzanne formed bring real, everyday challenges front and […]

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Throw Out the Chair and Burn the Table! The CHRO’s strategic relevance; Guest post by Randy Rotschiller

I had lunch recently with a colleague who coaches HR professionals on how to become more strategic. Ah yes, that elusive destination called “the seat” at the corporate strategy table. Whoever said “it’s the journey not the destination that matters” might be living in what ought to be the cobwebbed halls of human resources. Let’s […]

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Marketing Executives Riding the Waves of Change by Suzanne Elshult/Your Executive Coach with HRNow

At one of my recent roundtables I eagerly listened as my marketing executives discussed how their jobs have  evolved. The change is nothing less than breathtaking. No wonder marketing leaders feel stressed! Here are some of the highlights I took away from this session: While we used to focus on creating consumer demand and awareness, […]

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