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    Suzanne Elshult
    Your Executive Coach

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    Suzanne is the voice in my head—always pushing me to be a better leader. If you’re lucky enough to get an opportunity to work with her, take it!

    Ashley Wells, VP, Creative Development, NBC News Digital

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    I can highly recommend the virtual group coaching model to anyone looking to accelerate their executive and leadership toolkit.

    Jonathan Maltos, Human Resource Leader, Aon Hewitt

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    Suzanne is caring, wise and insightful…one of the best coaches around.

    Cindi Bright, Executive in transition

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    Suzanne has been a great sounding board …… asking the tough questions (gently!) and forcing me to see myself as others would.

    Chris Hughes, Chief Financial Officer, Buildingi

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    Suzanne is a refreshing combination of vision, organizational savvy and compassion. She instills the honesty of purpose needed for true breakthrough thinking.

    Russell Shaw, Managing editor, MSN News at Microsoft

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    In Suzanne, I found a champion, a cheerleader and a shrewd tactician, able to help me dissect complex situations and strategize smart, effective solutions

    Susan Houriet, Supervising Producer,

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    Suzanne is not just about having a pleasant chat…she will push you to work for what you want. She is well worth the time, money and effort. I now feel confident in planning the future I want.

    Andra Jagla, Sales Operation Manager, F5 Networks

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    Suzanne never solved any of my problems. Instead, she helped me develop the skills to more effectively solve organizational challenges myself.

    Bryan Wheeler, Software Development Manager, Amazon Instant Video

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    Working with Suzanne there are lessons and learnings in unexpected places… She is quite simply a highly gifted coach!

    Chad Royal, Senior Director, Device Development, NBC News

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    Suzanne is a remarkable executive coach and an original thinker – she has both great insight and compassion and is a fervent advocate for living one’s life to the fullest.

    Victoria Lindsey, V.P. Human Resources, Esterline Defense Technologies

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    Suzanne is a phenomenal coach and was an invaluable resource during my transition to a management role.

    Carissa Ray, Supervising Multimedia Producer at

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    Suzanne has a unique ability to bring strategic thinking colleagues together in a way that encourages collaboration, sharing, and an environment of continuous development and learning.

    Rod Brooks, CMO, PEMCO

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