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Group Coaching

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With one of my executive peer coaching groups.

Effective Group Coaching Techniques

Suzanne has run executive face-to-face peer coaching groups using group coaching techniques, in the Seattle, Washington area since 1996. As virtual meeting platforms such as SKYPE, Google Plus Hangouts, and social conferencing technology like Maestro Conference have matured, I have been able to take my group coaching techniques and business more virtual and am increasingly offering virtual group coaching opportunities. Whether virtual or face-to-face, meeting designs are conversational, highly interactive and focused on engagement, active listening, powerful questioning, creative thinking, peer coaching and rich informal learning/sharing in an intimate environment. Formal presentations are allowed only on an exception basis as a discussion catalyst and kept very brief. Typically, a member experience, initiative or challenge is used as a stepping stone for a meaningful exchange amongst members. Once in a while a subject matter expert joins the conversation.

Meetings typically revolve around powerful questions that are:

  • Genuine

  • Inspire fresh and reflective thinking thinking

  • Surface underlying assumptions

  • Thought-provoking

  • Generate energy and forward movement

  • Channel attention and focuses energy

  • Evoke more questions

  • Generate unusual linkages and connections

  • Support personal-self-discovery awareness

Discussions range from exploring personal leadership journeys, building leadership strength – personally and for organizations, defining and advancing our roles as executives,  organizational savvy and posture/credibility needed for a seat at the table in the C-suite, and more. When topics are more technical in nature, the perspective is on strategic issues, not tactics, and how members can become more effective as strategic leaders within their organizations.

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Using Advanced Group Coaching Techniques

group coaching techniques how to do group coaching

At an after-work wine social with some top notch clients I have known for a long time.