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Marketing Executive Presentations/Topics


SEO in 2016: Now Its About Branding
Sean Van Gilder, Director SEO, Point It

Promise of Product Marketing
Matt Duncan, VP of Marketing, Aduro

Catalyst for Conversation: 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
John Steckler, Senior VP Wester US, Continental Benefits

Jump-Start Your Professional/Personal Brand
Eileen Fisher, Fisher Consulting
Britt Provost. VP of HR, Apptio

Marketing in the Post-Digital Age
Carlton Doty, VP and Group Director, Forrester Research

The Changing CIO/CMO Relationship
Elissa Fink, VP of Marketing, Tableau Software

Predictive Marketing: the new marketing frontier
Kael Kelly, VP of Marketing, Avalara

Riding the Waves of Marketing Change
Bridget Perry, VP, Americas Marketing
Pam Cory, VP Marketing, ProQues

Beyond Brand Strategies: rebranding to reflect your company’s core truths
Cathy Cooper, VP of Marketing, Washington Federa

Developing and Measuring Customer Loyalty
Tom Berquist, Vice President of Marketing, BECU
Victoria Burwell, VP of Marketing, Headsprout

The Role of Marketing in Product Development
Doug Johns, VP Global Marketing and Product Development, PRECOR

New Markets
Kerry Krause, VP of Marketing, Impinj
Bill McClain, Senior Director of International Marketing, Clarisonic

What’s the Value of Segmentation?
Dan Bodnar, Industry Marketing Director, Intermec

What Do You Do To Stay Relevant and Prepare For What’s Next?
Rod Brooks, V.P. & CMO with PEMCO, Facilitator

Social Engagement: The Next Generation of Questions for Social Media
Elissa Fink, Facilitator and Discussion Catalyst, VP of Marketing with Tableau Software
Mark Matthews. Co-Facilitator and Discussion Catalyst, VP of Markeing with Winshuttle

Trends, Challenges and Priorities for Marketing: 2011 and Beyond
Pam Cory, Vice President of Marketing, NetMotion Wireless
Bridget Perry, Director, Solutions Marketing, US Enterprise & Partner Group, Microsoft

Doing “mobile” yet?
Andrew Sherrard, General Manager, T-Mobile
Bill McClain, Sr Director of International Marketing, Clarisonic

Corporate Rebranding Benefits
John Steckler, Northwest Regional Vice President, Zenith Administrators, Inc.
Tom Berquist, Vice President of Marketing, BECU

Getting Bogged Down in What’s New? Returning to the Basics for Marketers!
Jeff Sass, General Marketing Manager, PACCAR PARTS

Internal Marketing Best Practices
Tom Berquist, Vice President of Marketing, BECU
Kathy Moore, Director of Marketing, The Everett Clinic

You Want Marketing ROI?
Pam Cory, Vice President of Marketing, NetMotion Wireless
Andrew Sherrard, General Manager, T-Mobile

Deep Change: The Anti “Change Management” Technique
George Myers, Partner and Consultant, Effectiveness Institute
Cliff Chirls, Business Development and Marketing, Effectiveness Institute (MER Member)

Suzanne Elshult, CEO and Founder, HRNow

Voice of Your Customer
Jeff Sass, General Marketing Manager, PACCAR
Dan Bodnar, Industry Marketing Director, Intermec

The Public Relations Game is Changing: What’s In, Out, New?
Stacia Kirby, Kirby Communications (facilitator)
Brian Poggie, CMO, Aegis Living

SEO Best Practices and Trends
Rory Martin, CEO, (facilitator)
Elissa Fink, VP of Marketing, Tableau Software (showcase)
Bill McClain, SR Director of Marketing, Clarisonic (showcase)

Different, but Equally Important: Sales and Marketing
John Steckler, NW Regional Vice President, Zenith Administrators (facilitator)
Sean McLeod, President, Stratos Development (facilitator)
Organizers: Suzanne Elshult, President, Marketing Executive Roundtable and Lori Richardson, TechAmerica Sales Leadership Roundtable

Do You Have an Internal Branding Strategy: Potent Opportunity in a Volatile Market for HR and Marketing Execs
Victoria Burwell, VP of Marketing, Headsprout (facilitator)
Sue McNab, Chief People Officer, PEMCO (facilitator)
Sean O’Driscoll, Ant’s Eye View

Social Media Round Two: Breakout Sessions
Facilitated by Blake Cahill, VP of Marketing, Visible Technologies, Elissa Fink, VP of Marketing, Tableau Software, Rod Brooks, CMO PEMCO

BIG M (MARKETING)small m (marketing)
Rod Brooks, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, PEMCO
Pam Cory, Vice President of Marketing, NetMotion Wireless

Social Media: Why It Matters To You
Blake Cahill, Visible Technologies

Dealing With The Economic Downturn
Open-ended Roundtable Discussion

A Tale of Two Companies: Compare/Contrast the Branding Challenges of a b-to-c and b-to-b Member Company
Christine Pomeroy, Director of Marketing Communications, F5 Networks
Kirsten Wlaschin, Director of Marketing, Ivar’s & Kidd Valley Restaurants

How are you organized externally? Internally? And, how does your model impact the kind of talent and skills you need in your marketing department?
Rod Brooks, Vice President and CMO, PEMCO
Jeff Sass, General Marketing Manager, PACCAR Parts

Bringing Science to the Art of Marketing: How to leverage automated demand generation for Performance and ROI
Russ Gould,Director of Marketing, Electronic Evidence Discovery

Sustainability: Doing The Green Thing and Beyond!
Kevin Wilhelm, CEO, Sustainable Business Consulting
Richard Bendix, Vice President of Marketing, Homestreet Bank
Sydney Gorrell-Johnson, Vice President of Human Resources, Brooks Sports

Carol Schreitmueller – Director of R&D, Pacific Marketing International (PMI)

Facilitators/Moderators: Tami Fujii,Director of Retail Product Merchandising,, T-Mobile
Suzanne Elshult, President, HRNow

Leadership for Marketing Executives
Facilitators/Discussion Catalysts:
Tony Titus, Vice President of Marketing, Cardiac Science
Richard Woltjer. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, HySecurity
Suzanne Elshult, HRNow

Social Media and Marketing
Boyd Vander Houwen, Vander Houwen Public Relations
Heather Reynolds, Vander Houwen Public Relations

Grow Your Business By Leveraging Online Marketing
Satbir Khanuja, Vice President of Marketing, Second Space Inc.

Energizing the Brand
Rod Brooks, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, PEMCO Financial Services

So You Have the Metrics, Now What Do You Do?
John Steckler, Director of Marketing and Sales, PEMCO
Jeff Sass, Director of Marketing Planning and Research, Kenworth Truck Company,

Cause Marketing or Socially Responsible Marketing: Trends, Corporate Benefits and How To’s?
Atul Tandon, Senior VP of Marketing and Communications, WorldVision
Nancy R. Lee, President of Social Marketing Services, Author and Speaker

The Challenge of Repositioning for the Babyboomer Generation: Aegis Living
Brian Poggi, Chief Marketing Officer, Aegis Living

Trends in Market Segmentation and Member Experiences: b-to-c and b-to-b
Gretchen Marks, Corporate Vice President of Marketing, Coinstar
Lynn Reed, Partner, Hemispheres
Ian Brown, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Microvision

Partnering from a Marketing Perspective: It’s as Much About Corporate Cultures as Effective Programs
Janis Machala, Founder and Managing Partner, Paladin Partners
Jonathan Lauer, Vice President of Marketing, Spacelabs
Marion Seymour, Director of Marketing, SolutionsIQ

Marrying Sales and Marketing! Or not?
Facilitator: Rod Brooks, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, PEMCO

Website Design and Strategies
Co-Facilitators: Suzanne Elshult and Pawan Gupta, VP of Products and Marketing (formerly), BSQUARE

Guests: Ethan Maehl, Director of User Experience, Avenue A-Razorfish and Jonah Sterling, Group Creative Director, Avenue A-Razorfish

The Future Creates the Present: Roundtable Discussion
Glen Hiemstra, Founder,, and Author

Strategic Pricing Strategies: Part Art Part Science?

Dan DeVries, Vice President Marketing (formerly), Zetec Inc.
John Steckler, Director of Marketing and Sales, PEMCO

Positioning Your Company Using Marketing as a Competitive Weapon

Facilitator, Cliff Chirls, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Solutions IQ

Global Marketing: Member Executive Perspectives
Jurgen Stephan, Vice President, Global Marketing, Captaris
Robert Gubas, Vice President of Product Marketing, Getty Images
Gayle Wooster, Marketing Communications Director, AREVA T&D Inc.
Kevin Brown, Vice President of Marketing, Tableau Software

The New World of Search Optimization

Kevin Brown, Vice President of Marketing, Tableau Software

Leadership Perspectives

Duane Schireman, Director of Human Resources for the 787 Program, Boeing
Michael Cindric, Vice President of Human Resources, T-Mobile
Ian Selbie, President and CEO,

How Customer Driven Are You? Roundtable Discussion
Rod Brooks , Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, PEMCO Insurance

Media Strategies in an Increasingly Fragmented World

  • Top of Mind Awareness in the Puget Sound Area
    Joe Heslet, General Sales Manager. Fisher Broadcasting
  • Roundtable Discussion: How is traditional media faring in the face on non-traditional media and how can we most effectively use it
    • John Steckler, Director of Marketing and Sales, KSTW
    • Joe Heslet, General Sales Manager, Fisher Broadcasting
    • Greg Bennett, General Manager, Comcast Spotlight
    • Mei-Mei Chan, Vice President of Advertising, The Seattle Times

Managing the Front End of Innovation
Discussion catalysts:
Elisa Humphrey, Vice President of Marketing, Precor
Tami Fujii, Vice President of Marketing, PMI

Building Brands From The Inside
Mark Woodward, Director of Marketing, Evergreen Medical Center
Brooke White, Vice President of Communications, Nordstrom
Brian Walter, Communications Consultant and Corporate Humorist
James Greathouse, Internal Communications Manager, Starbucks Coffee Company

The Place of Marketing in Organizations
Robert Gubas, Vice President Product Marketing, Getty Images
Jeff Hall, Director of Marketing, Nextel Partners
Jurgen Stephan, Vice President, Global Marketing, Captaris
Catherine Captain, Vice President, Marketing,

Budgeting Best Practices of Member Executives: Kick-Off with the Michelle Wine Estates Mew “Outlooksoft” Budgeting System
Donna Duncanson, Vice President of Marketing, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates
Marketing Metrics
Rod Brooks, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, PEMCO Financial Services
John Steckler, Director of Sales and Marketing, KSTW
General Manager for Information Worker Marketing, Microsoft
Bruce Scheer, Principal and Founder, FutureSight Consulting

Digital Media Outlook for 2005
Darin Brown, EVP. Avenue A/Razorfish
Marketing’s Role in Mergers and Acquisitions
Gretchen Marks, Vice President, Marketing, Coinstar
Gayle Wooster, Marketing Communications, AREVA
Pam Cory, Vice President, Marketing (formerly), Intermec Coporation

How to Date, Marry and Live Happily Ever After with Your Ad Agency: Is it Really Possible?
Rick Peterson, Creative Director, Hydrogen
Bruce Woolsey, Vice President/Managing Director, Client Results, AvenueA-RazorFish
Joe Huber, Vice President/Broadcast Manager, VP/Broadcast Manager, LCI

Precor Showcase: Experience Marketing at Work Continued from October 2004
Elisa Humphrey, Vice President of Marketing, Precor

A new and emerging customer relationship model at Microsoft

  • Keith White, Director of Marketing, Microsoft
  • Rob Stagno, General Manager, US MBO Relationship Marketing

Experience Marketing

  • Elisa Humphrey, Vice President of Marketing, Precor

Getting CRM Right: Seattle Mariners’ Showcase

Larry Witherspoon, CIO, The Seattle Mariners

Getting CRM Right: Think Business Value First, Technology Second

Ben Kiker , senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Onyx Software

Pacific Market International: Using Trends to Connect and Design Customer Experiences
Tami Fuji, Vice President of Marketing, Pacific Market International

Special Luncheon Event on “Driving Customer Equity” co-sponsored by the Marketing Executive Roundtable and Microsoft Corporation

  • Katherine Lemon, Author of “Driving Customer Equity”

Leadership from the Inside Out: Leveraging Marketing and Human Resources for Competitive Advantage!

  • Steve Stoddard, CEO, Restaurants Unlimited
  • Philippe Sanchez, CEO, Photoworks
  • Fabian Mansson, CEO, Eddie Bauer
  • Fran Conley, CEO, Cutter & Buck
  • Anders Berglund, Co-owner/Partner, IKEA Seattle

Integrated Email/Direct Mail Marketing!
Joe Rockwell, Senior Director of Account Relationship for Kaye-Smith

Personalized Email Marketing
Cliff Chirls, Chief Operating Officer, Memetic Systems

You’re Alive! Have the time of your life!
Giovanni Livera, known simply as “Giovanni!”,

Doing Business from a Customer-Centric View-A Marketing Executive’s Perspective
Rod Brooks, VP & Chief Marketing Officer, PEMCO Insurance

“Boeing Marketing Takes Flight”
Sherry A. Carbary, Vice President Strategic Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA)

That’s a Brand in Your Hand: New Marketing Initiatives at Pacific Market International
Mike Bross, Senior Vice President, Pacific Market International (PMI)

PR and Sales – Working Better/Working Smarter
Ray Vincenzo, Vice President, Imagio-J. Walter Thompson

Facilitated Panel Discussion on Internal Branding
Kathy Moore, Director of Marketing, the Everett Clinic
Rochelle Crollard, Director of Human Resources, the Everett Clinic
Darryl Price, Vice President of Marketing, Premera Blue Cross
Barbara Magusin, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Premera Blue Cross
Larry Denaro, CEO, Q2 Brand Intelligence
Neil Culbertson, Vice President of Marketing, the Red Robin (ret. 2002)

Driving Revenue by Aligning the Brand and the Corporate Culture
Larry Denaro, CEO, Q2 Brand Intelligence
Neil Culbertson, Vice President of Marketing, the Red Robin

Big League Marketing: Building and maintaining the Seattle Mariners Brand
Jim Copacino , Co-founder, Copacino-Fujikada
Randy Adamack, Vice President of Communications, Mariners

Latest Trends in Predictive Analysis
Marty Levin , Executive Vice President of Marketing, Sightward
Dr Elliott Waldron, Chief Scientist, Sightward

Lead Generation: What’s Working and What’s Not?
Nick Besbeas, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, DigiMine
Lew Larson, Vice President of Marketing, (formerly)

Branded Direct Response: A Strategy that Works!
Bill Bassett, Vice President of Marketing, Gift (formerly)

Reinventing PR
Steven Burkhart, Senior Vice President, Edelman Public Relations Worldwide

A Roadmap for Evaluating and Managing Marketing Outsourcing
Heather Fitzpatrick, CEO, MarketFitz
Ray Rasmussen, COO MarketFitz

Communications Outsourcing at Virginia Mason
Darlene Corkrum, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Fund Development, Virginia Mason Medical Center

Welcome to the Experience Economy
Tim Sanders, Chief Solutions Officer, Yahoo!

Changing Demographics and Impact on Marketing in the New Millenium
James (Jim) Hebert

Premera Gets An Edge on the Competition
Jeff Roe, Vice President of Marketing, Premera Blue Cross

Integrated Branding
Philippe Sanchez, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Getty Images

Research and the Internet: A Winning Combination
Debra Rubin, President, Aha! Marketing Group
Laura Totten, Manger, Market Research, Premera Blue Cross
Bill Gottlieb, Director Market Research and Metrics, Coinstar Inc.

A Marketing Challenge: Reinforcing a Selling Culture
Lauriann Reynolds, Business Development Manager, PEMCO Insurance Companies

The Marketing MIX In 2002 OR What To Do When the Mix is All Peanuts
Norman Guadagno, Vice President of Marketing QPass
April 4, 2002

Customer Realationship Management – What is it and where is it going?
Bill Michel, Senior Vice President of Marketing (formerly), Eddie Bauer
April 4, 2002

New Media: What’s In It For You?
Bob Bejan, General Manager, MSN Strategic Accounts, Microsoft
February 28, 2002

The Balanced Scorecard Approach to Managing Marketing
Leo Lucas, Vice President of Marketing, Click2Learn
February 28, 2002

Improving Profits From Customer Focus
Jay T. Mehta, Vice President , Strategic Marketing
January 17, 2002

Branding: A 360º View”
Robert Raible,is Vice President Creative at The Bon Marche department stores. Co-presenter, Brian Walter is Vice President of Marketing and Communications Consultant for The Effectiveness
December 6, 2001

Using Data Mining and Other Tools for Customer Retention and Acquisition
Nick Besbeas, cofounder of digiMine and Diane Parks, SVP and CMO of Zones

Way to Grow: Negotiating for Coopetition
Jim Rand, Director of Executive Education, Seattle Pacific University
September 20, 2001

KOMO TV: A Strategic Management Model with Implications for Marketing
Sandy Montgomery, VP of Broadcast Operations and Station Marketing; Timothy Kight, President of Focus3
June 7, 2001

MSNBC.Com: What Makes for an Effective Web Strategy
Cherylynn Crowther, VP of Marketing,
June 7, 2001

Tully’s Coffee Company: Brewing Up A New Formula For Success
Tom O’Keefe-CEO, Tully’s Coffee Company
May 10, 2001

Seattle IKEA: New Organizational Model Focuses on People Connections
Anders Berglund, Owner/Partner, Seattle IKEA
May 10, 2001

Disney’s Approach to Quality Service, Customer Loyalty and People Management: A Case Study of Full House Sports and Entertainment
Pete Winemiller-Director or Guest Relations and Premium Seating Services, Full House Sports & Entertainment
March 8, 2001

Corporate Storytelling
Evelyn Clark, the Corporate Storyteller
March 8, 2001

Surviving the Industry through Profitability and Psychographics
Cathy Cooper-VP of Marketing, Washington Federal Savings
January 11, 2001

Keeping Our Brands Fresh: A Case Study
Erik Haroldson, Vice President of Marketing, Foci Technologies
November 9, 2000

Measuring Up With Customers: In Pursuit of Excellence
Cathy Moore, Director of Marketing, The Everett Clinic
October12. 2000

Measuring in Real Time
Jone Howard, President, Elway Research
October 12, 2000

The Company of the Future—Are You It?
Glen Hiemstra—Futurist: Presentation, Q&A and Discussion
September 14, 2000

Deep Canyon
Lisa Wellman, President, Deep Canyon
September 14, 2000

Flying Fish
John Yokoyama, Owner, Pike place Fish Market
Jim Berquist, President, BizFutures
May 18, 2000

Seattle Times: Contrasts in Marketing
Mike Lemke, Vice President, Seattle Times
May 18, 2000