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Fall 2014

The Program

  • 10 1  1/2 hour group sessions -15 hours total (9 regular sessions-plus a follow-up two months upon completion of core modules)
  • Pre- and post 1-1s with Suzanne or Sydney
  • Playbook-delivered in session modules. For each module the Playbook includes a general topic overview, a list of resources including access to our own digital Magazine, powerful questions/inquiries and worksheets
  • The program will be utilizing state-of-the-art teleconferencing technology (including the ability to do breakouts in sessions). Mp3 recordings from the program will be provided for participants in a protected area (cannot be shared beyond participants-confidentiality is key)
  • 8 peer partner laser coaching opportunities in between sessions
  • Three laser coaching sessions with Coach Suzanne or Coach Sydney

Is This for You?

Are you a senior HR Executive wanting to play a bigger game in your profession and organization, or perhaps start your own business or do something totally different?
This executive coaching program is designed for senior HR professionals – ideally VPs of HR or HR Directors reporting to a VP of HR or Chief People Officer, or HR Business Partner with business unit HR responsibility. The thread that binds participants together is that they are all looking to play a bigger game and find greater meaning beyond themselves in what they are doing professionally. They want to engage deeply and are asking themselves powerful questions.


  • What is the BIG GAME I want to be playing professionally? Do I have a game strategy?
  • What is my WHY? Am I doing what I truly want to be doing, and if not, how do I change the game? How am I making a difference? What is the mark I want to leave?
  • Do I possess the executive presence and confidence required for me to achieve my career goal? Am I integrated and respected by the C-Suite for who I truly am? Is the culture of my organization or my clients in sync with who I want to be?
  • What is propelling me forward? How am I limiting myself? What is my self-messaging? Am I stuck in perfectionism, a “doer/fixer mode,” an non-productive leaderships style?”What kind of leader do I want to be?
  • Am I  inspiring  in what I do? How do I engage at all levels, across generations, different industries, globally/virtually. Am I effectively leveraging the multitude of strategies that are out there, including technology and social media? Am I staying current or falling behind?
  • Do I have a personal brand that works for me? How do I want to show up at work/in life? Am I able to be authentic in what I am doing: show up in all my glory-quirks and all? Do I own my own unique values?
  • Am I in the right place? How do I know when it is time to move on?
  • Do I have the support system I need to advance professionally?  Do I know the difference between “networking” to connecting and building community as a lifelong process. Who do I need to connect with? What is the balance between leveraging technology and face-to-face engagement?


At the end of this executive coaching program, you can expect some or all of these outcomes:

  • Understanding and ownership of your own unique brand and values.
  • Improved awareness of your own leadership style,  executive presence and relationship with the C-Suite!
  • Leadership aspiration: how you want to show up and what’s holding you back, propelling you forward.
  • Greater confidence and validation from other senior executives that have walked in your shoes.
  • A strong support system, including an authentic community with 8 other program participants that have shared deeply of themselves with you.
  • Knowledge of your own limitations and strengths as a leader.
  • Strategies for managing your career -and anchoring your journey in how you want to make a difference-  rather than being at it’s mercy.
  • A clear sense of whether you are keeping up or falling behind and strategies for staying fresh on 21st century leadership and strategies for leveraging emerging technologies to engage and reach your professional goals.

About the Coaches:

Coach Suzanne has many years of experience as a top executive in a variety of organizations, small and large, public and private and not-for-profit. As the founder of HRNow in 1996 she has developed a thriving practice focused exclusively on individual executive coaching and group coaching with executive peer groups with well over 100 different organizations ranging from large –such as NBC News, Starbucks, and Amazon – to small –startups and clients leaving the corporate world for the world of coaching and consulting Suzanne is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified coach. She has a Master’s Degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and Bachelor of Arts from the University of Lund, Sweden, has received the Best in America Award for innovation in people strategies, been recognized as Working Woman of the Year by Business and Professional Women (BPW), and published numerous articles. She frequently contributes to her blog If you ask for Suzanne’s WHY this is what you get:

My mission in life is to “build community.” Professionally my tagline is to “build community for leaders.” Many consider me a thought leader and as someone who has importantly impacted and provided opportunities for leaders, local and beyond, to engage with one another in meaningful ways.

On a personal level, “building community” for me means giving back to the world in a consequential way that is reflected in my commitment to mountain rescue (I have two certified search and rescue dogs), involving many hours a week of volunteer time to meet our mission of “saving lives” in the Cascade Mountains and beyond.

Coach Sydney is certified as an Executive Coach from Hudson Institute and an accomplished human resources executive with over 25 years of Successful experience establishing world class HR strategies aligned with business initiatives. Sydney has made a positive impact throughout her career, both with international and domestic organizations. He has been the top HR executive with organizations such as Brooks Sports, Inc., Oberto Sausage Co, Wizards of the Coast, Shurgard Storage and Oriental Trading Co.

Outside of her corporate leadership roles, she has served her community through active participation on various boards. Sydney is Past President of SHRM/NHRMA and has obtained multiple certifications, including a Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) Lifetime certification and Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) Certification. Sydney holds a Masters of Human Resources Management from City University in Seattle, as well as a BA from University of Washington.


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